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Justin Layne Meadows


Rhonda "Dassia Rose" Holloway




Justin and Rhonda met in the traditional millennial style when Justin slid into Rose's DMs on Facebook (he sent her a private message for those not with the lingo) in January 2020. They met up and hit it off instantly, still not realizing that this would be something special. They started going on dates and meeting each others friends and family. Without noticing it, they had become inseparable.


There were many hard moments, as their relationship started getting more serious right when the pandemic hit. They were also working through serious transitions such as job changes, health issues, moving situations, and grief. Eventually, they realized that despite all the turmoil around them, when they were together, it was always something to laugh about. They had peace and were feeling confident that this could be a long term situation. Both playful and forever children they found time for one another, and that time was always great. They also balanced each other as Justin has an extremely laidback demeanor while Rose is... well you know... excitable. On December 26, 2020 Justin declared his love for Rhonda and made it official, proclaiming that they would wed in 2021. Through their time together the couple started seeing that one's strength was the other's weakness. Justin's calm nature and Rose's ambition combine together to make a stellar force!

They will join forces forever on September 18th, 2021.

Wedding Facts:

The couple will not be registering but they will still be accepting regular gifts!

  We prefer monetary gifts. We accept cash and checks. We also accept Cash App, Paypal, and Venmo, gift cards and any other form of donation for our Honeymoon Fund! 

@dassiarose or $dassiarose on all platforms!

Couple Facts:

Nicknames for each other: He calls her Chunky Monkey.

She calls him Peanut Butter Snickers. #icecreamflavors

Favorite Colors: Rose: Purple | Justin: Blue

In their Free Time: Rose: Nintendo Switch | Justin: Mobile Games

Both: Uno Flip

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